The radiologists and staff of Radiology Associates of New Hartford welcome you!  We want our patients to be well-informed about their imaging procedures—what you can expect before, during and after your study; the training and experience of the physicians who direct and interpret your procedure; and process by which we coordinate and communicate the results of your study to your doctor.

Please browse the resources along the sidebar and the links scattered throughout our web site to answer your questions about our physicians, the breadth and scope of services we provide, or specific imaging techniques.  If you cannot find answers to your questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Our guiding philosophy has always been to approach each patient encounter as an opportunity to create a positive healthcare experience, particularly for those patients who may be at their most vulnerable.  If you have thoughts about how we could improve our care, please share those thoughts with us.

We’re Here for You…

A radiologist uses imaging techniques to diagnose medical conditions and suggest therapeutic alternatives.  Our radiologists work alongside experienced clinical and administrative staff to provide quality diagnostic and interventional radiology services in patient-centered environments across Oneida, Madison and Herkimer counties. Go to our locations. Serving more than 140,000 patients annually, we are the largest radiology practice in the tri-county area. When you choose an imaging facility affiliated with Radiology Associates of New Hartford, you choose a network of professionals dedicated to delivering comprehensive care in a timely manner.

…and for Your Doctor

Your primary care physician is responsible for managing your care over the long-term. Our radiologists work in concert with your physician to choose an appropriate imaging exam for your symptoms; they then analyze, interpret and communicate the study results to your doctor quickly to assist in the treatment of your medical condition. To ensure you receive the highest standard of care, our physicians are available for consultations with your doctor from the first appointment to your final follow-up.